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1 WEEK PDC  // 11 – 18 OCTOBER 2020

Join the Permaculture movement, gain practical answers and solutions for designing your home as well as today's global problems and immerse yourself into a transformative lifestyle that can make a real difference for you, the global community and our planet!

Together we'll bring your project ideas to life during this course.


Upcoming Course

  • 11 Oct 2020, 18:00 – 18 Oct 2020, 12:00
    Terra Alta, Ulgueira, 2705-349 Colares, Portugal
    Note the dates listed here are for the 1 week residency only // Click Register Now and you will be asked for your details and a registration fee of 200 euros to secure your spot. This is a deposit and part of the course fee. You just pay the balance in cash when you arrive. We have a refund policy.


Our 1 week Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) is tailored to those who want to design their land, homestead or project and wish to know more about advanced land design techniques that will create self-sufficient and independent systems. It is also designed to accommodate those who cannot commit to two weeks away from their homes and are looking for a shortened duration of on-location stay while still wanting to have a tactile experience on a Permaculture site.

There are two parts to this PDC. The first is what we call the “residency”. This is when students will, physically, spend one week with us at Terra Alta in which time they will:

  • Engage in the garden in one daily hands-on session

  • Provide us with the details of their project 

  • Learn about the core curriculum (Ethics, Principles, and What is Permaculture?)

  • Learn about the Permaculture land design method called "SADIM" (see description below)

  • Learn about designing self-sufficient homesteads

  • And more topics as listed below

Please note that as we will be harvesting information from students during the first week to ensure a tailored experience, we will only inform you of the detailed protocol of the second, remote part of our course, at the end of the first week.

The second part takes place online over the course of three months, when students are back home. Here they will start to design their own project based on what they have learned in the first week. This entire process will be guided using one-to-one mentoring and data exchange. Think of it as a “remote mentorship”.

During this time, students will:

  • Be granted (lifetime) access to our Slab online knowledge base (see description below)

  • Have two private consultations with lead facilitator on their project via video conference

  • Exchange information about their design with the lead facilitator of the course via email and data sharing

It will be self-paced, meaning you get to schedule your private mentoring sessions within a three month period after the first part of the course has ended.


Our 1 week PDC differs from our regular one in format and focus. In the 1 week format, students design their own project individually. In our regular PDC students work on case studies and submit final designs as a group. While the core remains the same, certain topics that are covered in the regular PDC are not in the 1 week course. They are both certificate courses.

*Please note the date listed below is for the 1-week residency. The remote portion of this course will be self-paced.




750 euros

This includes food and camping. Upon registering you will be asked for your details and a registration fee of 200 euros to secure your spot. This is a deposit and part of the course fee. You just pay the balance when you arrive. We have a refund policy.

Please note that we require a minimum of 8 participants signed-up to run a course. As such, please book your modes of transportation over with cancellation insurance (rest assured you'll receive your full deposit back should we cancel – which is usually never the case). 


All our courses are conducted in English.


Camping with your own tent - free

1-2 person size tent is 35 euros*

Bell tent is 150 euros* (per availability, we only have 4)

* Total cost for renting for 1 weeks

For regular tents, it is an additional 25 eur for mats and sleeping bags.

For large tents, included in the cost are mattresses and bedding (including blanket and pillow).

The campsite is a semi-wild area where we have created level terraces among the trees, mushrooms, and stones for people to pitch their tents out of view from the rest of the garden.


We serve three vegetarian meals per day with ingredients sourced from our gardens. Students are part of the preparation of lunch and cleaning (karma yoga) as this experience is a component of the course. The crew prepares breakfast and dinner.