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Explore the world of permaculture and regenerative farming at our educational center in Portugal, nestled in the coastal mountain range of Sintra, just 45 minutes away from Lisbon Airport.

Expect to gain practical answers and solutions for the challenges of today, and immerse yourself in a transformative lifestyle designed for yourself, the global community and our planet to thrive.

From those looking to build communities to those simply looking to connect more with nature or reduce their ecological footprint our course is designed for everyone with no prior experience needed.

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Terra Alta is one of the most established Permaculture projects in Europe, located 45 minutes by car from the Lisbon Airport. With 10 years as a permaculture site-in-development, and a centre for research and education with over 20 Permaculture Design Certificate Courses (PDCs) taught, we offer Permaculture education at the highest level, led by artist, visionary and certified Permaculture teacher, Pedro Valdjiu.

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​The two-week PDC is an internationally recognised intensive program that equips students with:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of Permaculture

  • tools and know-how to design your own regenerative projects

  • the basics for land design, and whole-systems thinking tools to better navigate society as well as your own inner landscape

It is about 50% practical, with plenty of hands-on activities. We create a participatory learning environment and use interactive, embodied learning methods.

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  • Bill Mollison’s 72h curriculum

  • The seven domains of permaculture action from David Holmgren

  • The principles and ethics of permaculture

  • Permaculture design method for planning a project and designing a homestead - Schematic design 

  • Orientation to Terra Alta as home and land resource system

  • Appropriate technology and sustainable energy systems

  • Animals in permaculture systems

  • Introduction to plant care and seed saving

  • Community and social tools for project and personal development

  • Regenerative landscape design

  • Water retention and regeneration

  • Composting and Soil Science

  • Bio-intensive techniques for kitchen and market gardening

  • Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

  • Vermicomposting flush toilet system

  • Zero Waste strategies

  • Introduction to natural building

  • Food harvesting, preservation, and fermentation

  • Food Forest design, management, and implementation

  • Introduction to herbalism 

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Early bird: 840 euros *only applies to sliding scale "fair"*

Sliding scale price:

- fair: 890€

- regular: 990€

- supportive: 1090€

This includes food and camping. Upon registering you will be asked for your details and a registration fee of 200 € to secure your spot. This is a deposit and part of the course fee. You just pay the balance when you arrive. Please make sure to read our refund policy.


All our courses are conducted in English.


- Camping with your own tent - free

- 1-2 person size tent is 60 euros* (includes a camping mat)

- Bell tent is 250 euros* (includes all bedding)
- A-Frame (wooden hut) 300 euros* (includes all bedding)

* Total cost for renting for 2 weeks

The campsite is a semi-wild area where we have created level terraces among the trees and stones for people to pitch their tents out of view from the rest of the garden.


Three vegetarian meals per day with ingredients sourced from our gardens. Students are part of the preparation of meals and cleaning as this experience is a component of the course.

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Get to know program facilitators, guest teachers, and the Terra Alta crew

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  • Students looking for practical experience and holistic perspective (our certification can be accredited for university depending on the requirements of your programme-please check with your university first)

  • Project developers​ & land holders

  • Designers, architects, and landscapers

  • Ecologists and restoration workers

  • Activists & artists

  • Farmers

  • Urban gardeners

  • NGO-members

  • People in urban and settlement planning

  • Social workers

  • Environmental educators & school teachers

  • Community members & anyone looking for nature connection

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