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Permaculture design education center and community of people committed to cultural regeneration


We know how important experiences are in engaging people in any movement. That is why we've opened our home, Terra Alta, to empower others seeking alternative ways of life by showing them how the commitment of one community-oriented permaculture center has brought about positive change to the bioregion and beyond. The abundant, healing land is host to various educational events listed below, teaching cultural and land regeneration.


Learn at one of the most established projects in Permaculture in Europe—Terra Alta. With 10 years as a permaculture site-in-development, an education center, and with over 20 Permaculture Design Certificate Courses taught, Terra Alta gives students one of the best well-rounded Permaculture educations.

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Drop-In Visits

We do not host any non-arranged, drop-in visits. We're particularly sensitive to this during Covid-19 as we want to ensure we preserve a safe and healthy space for all.

If you have an interesting collaboration proposal or would like to volunteer with us in 2021 you can read more on our "Get Involved" page.


Terra Alta and Covid-19

[Updated: 27 April 2021]

At Terra Alta, our main priority is to create and preserve a safe and healthy space for our students and crew to thrive. In summer 2020 we successfully ran 5 PDCs and we hope to do the same this year.

We are continuing to monitor the Covid-19 situation in Portugal. At the moment, the country is slowly coming out of lockdown in waves with most restrictions being lifted from 3 May, including all restrictions on outdoor events. The vast majority of our activities happen outdoors at Terra Alta, so we feel confident that our courses can proceed unhindered and without unnecessary risk for participants.

In terms of international travel, we ask that all students take responsibility for checking what restrictions may apply to them at the time of travel. However, if you are thinking about booking, you can rest assured that we will refund deposits to anyone whose travel plans get disrupted because of the pandemic.


In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Terra Alta has been developing a model for regenerative culture since the project began almost one decade ago. Guided by the energy of the powerful site, Terra Alta offers experiential life-education programs for both youths and adults, preparing participants to become regenerative agents, creating new ways for the future.

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

William James



Q: How do I get there?
A: There will be 2 pick-up times from Ulgueira (the closest village near us) on the Sunday before the PDC starts. Students receive an email a few weeks before the course starts with details on how to get to Ulgueira, the scheduled pick-up times, and other important information.

Q: What should I bring if I'm attending a PDC?
A: This is our recommended packing list: working clothes/shoes, camping gear (tent/sleeping bag/sleeping mat), toiletries, eco-friendly soap, a hat, towel, swim gear, warm clothes (seriously, trust us, it gets cold!), a rain jacket, and a head torch. We have a few tents and mats to rent - you can select when registering.

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