We are currently open for volunteers for Summer 2022



We're extremely grateful for your interest, as the hands of volunteers have helped shape Terra Alta into what it is today.

As we only run courses over summer, we only host volunteers during this time (and not all year-round). We normally have 2-3 volunteers to support us per PDC.

You will be asked to work around 5 hours a day as a general helping hand ie. at our gardens or preparing tea and coffee for our student's break time.

If you are interested in learning about any aspect of sustainable living, experiencing community living, or just getting in touch with nature, this might be an opportunity for you.



We believe in a system of reciprocity, where we offer what we have - knowledge and expertise, both a land-based and online demonstration site, and also food and accommodation, in exchange for highly motivated and skilled people wanting to make a difference with Permaculture. We do not ask interns to pay any fees nor do we provide stipends.

  • Food - you will have access to all our garden vegetables and the staples ingredients we buy (you will take turns cooking with others)

  • Camping - you will be able to camp in our serene cork-oak forest (please bring your own tent and camping equipment)

  • Training for how to become a permaculture field facilitator

  • The opportunity to creatively brainstorm new projects on the land, and make them happen if aligned with Terra Alta's vision

  • Access to an arts centre with musical instruments, building and handcraft tools

  • Access to our offline resources while you're here (we have an extensive Permaculture book library)

  • Access to our extensive network

  • Internet access (limited as we run on solar energy and there are always some cloudy days)