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Our 2019 season has ended - please check back next year for volunteer positions

Your support is important to us at Terra Alta. There are many ways to collaborate, including volunteerships and partnerships. Help us fulfill our mission of bringing about positive change to our bioregion in a capacity that best suits you.


We're extremely grateful for your interest as the hands of volunteers have helped shape Terra Alta into what it is today. 

If you can lend your knowledge in the areas of bio-intensive gardening or natural building, and are interested in learning about any aspect of sustainable living, experiencing community-living, or just getting in-touch with nature, we look forward to welcoming you here. We offer different learning pathways for volunteers to facilitate your growth in these directions. We'll explain this and outline your main responsibilities, what we expect from you, what you can expect from us, in more detail via email. 

As we only run courses over summer, we only host volunteers during this time (and not all year-round). Please get in touch with us in the spring of 2020.



Cooperation is at the heart of everything we do. We are driven by our mission of spreading a regenerative culture. In partnering with us, you will activate this transformative, empowering process in your own communities, connecting your brand to a trusted non-profit that has brought positive change to the bioregion and beyond.
Do you have an idea for collaboration? We'd love to hear from you!