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We are currently notopen for volunteers. The next opening will be for summer 2024. Exact dates will be published in the new year.

Volunteering: Welcome


We're extremely grateful for your interest, as the hands of volunteers have helped shape Terra Alta into what it is today.

As we only run courses over summer, we only host volunteers during this time (and not all year-round). We normally have 2-3 volunteers to support us per PDC.

You will be asked to work around 5 hours a day in tasks that include:

- being part of the rota, which includes making breakfasts and teas/coffees during break time for the students

- cleaning communal spaces

- being a helping hand in the garden 

- being a helping hand wherever it is needed

If you are interested in experiencing community living while supporting the process of a permaculture design course and meeting many likeminded people, this might be an opportunity for you.

Volunteering: Get Involved


The kitchen is the heart of the land where the harvest turns into delicious food. For this we are in search for someone that is passionate about guiding a small group of people into cooking lunch and dinner daily.

You will be asked to work around 5 hours a day in tasks that include:

-showing the group the kitchen

-cooking together with them

-making sure the group has cleaned up after

For this position you need to be able to commit to ether of the given time frames:
1. End of May - Mid August

2. Beginning August - Mid October 

You will also be in charge of baking bread for each course, this doesn't need any pre-knowledge as we can show you once you get here.

If you are interested in experiencing community living and cooking while being hosted by a beautiful landscape and meeting many new friends this might be an opportunity for you.

Volunteering: Get Involved


​We do not charge volunteers any costs. We believe in a system of reciprocity where we offer the following in return for your time and energy:

  • ​Food - you will have access to all our garden vegetables and the staples ingredients we buy 

  • Camping - you will be able to camp in our serene cork-oak forest (please bring your own tent and camping equipment)

  • Access to an arts centre with musical instruments, building and handcraft tools

  • Internet access (limited as we run on solar energy and there are always some cloudy days)

  • It is what you make it - you will be surrounded by people with different backgrounds and knowledge to share 

Volunteering: About


Terra Alta is an off-the-grid holistic-education host site where students and visitors alike get to see all 12 Principles of Permaculture in action. It’s located in between Almoçageme and Ulgueira, two quaint sea-side villages with easy access to amazing beaches and is relatively simple to reach from Lisbon and Sintra. The following Permaculture elements and functions are on display, amongst others:

  • Small-scale earthworks to capitalise on impervious surface runoff

  • Hot & Cold Composting (Vermiculture) systems for boosting soil life, picking up on waste streams, and cycling nutrients

  • Food Preservation and supporting the local economy of food production

  • Natural Building techniques utilised for dwellings and social spaces

  • Renewable Energy technology featuring solar panels

  • Internet available 

We treat Terra Alta's off-the-grid site as a teacher in its own right as participants get to experience Permaculture daily, learning from our existing projects and being part of our crew.

Volunteering: About Us
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