Sea of Green project at Terra Alta - prologue

What is Sea of Green?

The Sea-of-Green (SoG) method in gardening is defined by planting with short distances between each plant so that the plants grow straight up instead of growing wide (suppressed branch development vs forced stem growth). A lot of crops in agriculture use the SoG method of systematic planting.

Sea of Green project at Terra Alta

For our Sea of Green project at Terra Alta this summer, will be going a step further and mixing the up the varieties, using linear shaped planting patterns for easy maintenance (swales exist already) and all the effects of a SoG-forest plantation.

While we will work on this project during the Apprenticeship and PDCs there is no “finish” mark, this project is a long-term project. Trees need a few years to grow. After 3 to 5 years there should be visible effects, namely trees with straight trunks with a higher and more symmetric crown--perfect for a food forest. Over the first years the area will have multiple uses. Till the trees start to shade the ground totally, we will use the space to grow veggies or try growing different perennials, seeing how they fare in the climate here in Sintra, at Portugal’s coast.

Over the last month I have been managing the area around the site of the SoG, cleaning the land (pictured above) and developing a detailed perspective of the area and envisioning all the possibilities we can create here. I have also been preparing seedlings (some from my own seedbank which is over 10 years old) and propagating some trees for this food forest project. Here’s an apple tree one of your hands will help transplant!

"Old trees are always interesting for seed-saving and breeding, because they are the last survivors of their generation."

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