What is an internship at Terra Alta?

Interns join us for the summer season - over which 3-6 courses are taught, there is a flurry of activity and many mouths to feed. Aside from helping with the day-to-day running of the site, interns help manage our biointensive kitchen garden using market gardening techniques. In exchange for this, we offer interns the opportunity to learn via facilitating hands-on sessions, managing projects, and more.



Not only do we know how to train people - our host and founder is a certified Permaculture teacher, having taught over 20 PDCs and teacher trainings - we also believe that the teaching and learning processes are interconnected and engage our interns in hands-on work from the start. Our trust in people's abilities and our experience in facilitating growth in individuals on the permaculture track sets us apart from other permaculture internships which are more of a work-trade scenario, not actively teaching interns how to become field facilitators but offering PDCs in exchange for work. This is why we are looking for interns who have completed their PDC and are looking to grow in the field of Permaculture.

Through the immersive experience of managing our biointensive kitchen garden on a day-to-day basis, participants will gain a comprehensive grasp of permaculture and be able to confidently move forward in their pursuits, whether it be starting their homestead, Permaculture project or becoming a Permaculture educator.

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Interns will be co-responsible for our 600 m2 biointensive garden. That means managing our planting and harvest calendar and daily tasks such as watering. We use market gardening techniques.

Our garden feeds all the students, volunteers, crew and guests throughout the year. It is designed to be an educational, welcoming space to demonstrate our commitment to locally-grown, fresh food. During the two, two-week PDCs that will take place during the internship, interns will be responsible for providing information on the gardens to program facilitators e.g. letting the kitchen coordinator know what needs to be harvested and the garden facilitators what needs to be planted among other things.



We believe in a system of reciprocity, where we offer what we have - knowledge and expertise, both a land-based and online demonstration site, and also food and accommodation, in exchange for highly motivated and skilled people wanting to make a difference with Permaculture. We do not ask interns to pay any fees nor do we provide stipends.

  • Food - you will have access to all our garden vegetables and the staples ingredients we buy (you will take turns cooking with others)

  • Camping - you will be able to camp in our serene cork-oak forest (please bring your own tent and camping equipment)

  • Training for how to become a permaculture field facilitator

  • Training for project management 

  • Access to our online resource platform

  • Access to our offline resources while you're here (we have an extensive Permaculture book library)

  • Access to our extensive network

  • Internet access (limited as we run on solar energy and there are always some cloudy days)

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Our internship program is 13 weeks long. It takes about a month just to get a new intern trained to the point of working independently, and it gets more fun as you learn your way around and can work on your own. 

  • Commitment to the full 13 week period

  • You will work six hours a day/six days a week (plus karma yoga and cooking)

  • You will be part of our daily karma yoga  routine - taking turns to keep Terra Alta clean

  • We expect the following values: honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, open-mindedness, authenticity, accountability, and drive

  • While we will guide you on becoming facilitators and on project management, you are responsible for making the most out of your journey here by asking questions and being proactive about developing your own self-learning path



We use two different composting techniques, hot composting and vermicomposting (using worms) as well as biogas.

We use organic seeds from various sources and support local plant nurseries. 

For more about our garden, soil fertility, and all the other projects that comprise Terra Alta, read our Land page.  



  • You have taken a PDC 

  • You speak English fluently

  • You like social engagement and living in a communal setting 

  • You are independent and can take care of yourself 

  • You have farming/landscaping/gardening experience and skills for hands-on work

  • Have interest and knowledge in at least one of the areas: market gardening, garden management, greenhouse management, field cultivation, irrigation systems, or harvesting