Gourmet farm dining experience with a guided tour of our permaculture projects

A full-day affair starting with a walk among our lush orchards, our farm-to-table events aren't just passive lunches but active experiences where guests get to hand pick the food they want to eat straight from our gardens and then prepare the ingredients together with our resident chef. Local and seasonal, participants will learn which veggies grow in our bioregion, as well as get to know more about food sourcing and other issues pertaining to food sustainability.



Price: 50 euros per person ​(8 person minimum)

Group size: 8 to 26 people

Guests will be welcomed to the land with an informative site tour, showcasing all our ongoing projects, with demonstrations of organic farming techniques, get to see what we grow and produce and, through touching the soil and harvesting its bounties, gain a deeper connection to nature and food. Creativity will also be explored and expressed through the preparation and presentation of meals.

We invite you to join us in enjoying the food we love to grow, paired with Portuguese wine from our partner's vineyard, in our atmospheric glass-house dining room.

Ideal for team building events, special occasions, or anyone looking to enjoy good food and atmosphere while supporting local farmers.



Terra Alta is an off-the-grid Permaculture site that's part of the Global Ecovillage Network, where students and visitors alike get to see all 12 Principles of Permaculture in action. It’s located in between Almoçageme and Ulgueira, two quaint sea-side villages with easy access to amazing beaches and is relatively simple to reach from Lisbon and Sintra.


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